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What's New
July 2016

Reorganized the Fresh Cadaver Dissections section of the Anatomy Tutorial.

June 2016

Added a history section showing some of the Cardiovascular devices and techniques associated with the University of Minnesota.
Added a second fresh cadaver dissection to the Anatomy Tutorial.
Added perfusion fixed still images for Hearts 0054, 0057, 0064, 0070.

May 2016

Highly accurate 3D-printed models of the 3D heart models contained within the Atlas of Human Cardiac Anatomy can now be ordered from Materialise.

March 2016

Added new videos for Medtronic 4074, 4574, and 5076 pacing leads to the pacing systems section of the Device Tutorial.
Added functional videos for Heart0369.
Reorganized and updated the Congenital Defects Tutorial.

January 2016

Added a section on Attitudinally Correct Cardiac Anatomy to the Anatomy Tutorial.

December 2015

Updated device descriptions in the Device Tutorial, and reorganized the pacing systems into more appropriate categories.

November 2015

Added ECG scans to the heart history database.
Added MRI images for Hearts 0099, 0103, 0122, 0148, 0170, 0188.

August 2015

Added 3D blood volume and tissue models for Hearts 0083, 0096, 0110, 0141, 0145, 0157, 0215, 0229.

July 2015

Added 3D blood volume and tissue models for Hearts 0046, 0111, 0126, 0131, 0137, 0148, 0188.

June 2015

Added functional videos for Hearts 0235, 0271, 0291, 0317.

May 2015

Added functional videos for Heart0222.

January 2015

Added a new section of Interactive Models to the 3D modeling section.