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What's New
June 2014

Added a video showing a transcatheter leadless pacemaker to the Pacing Leads (emerging sites) section of the Device Tutorial.

December 2013

Added 11 new combined cardiac vein and coronary artery 3D models.

November 2013

Added functional videos for Heart0146.

October 2013

Version 1 of a Congenital Defects Tutorial, with more to come soon.

September 2013

Added a tutorial on the conduction system of the heart.
Added a video on the Culotte Technique and a second video on provisional stenting to the Device Tutorial.

August 2013

Added perfusion fixed images for Hearts 0054, 0144.

June 2013

Added functional videos for Heart0284.
Added a new distal pulmonary branches section to the Atlas.

May 2013

Added 6 new cardiac vein venograms.
Added 23 new cardiac vein 3D models.

March 2013

Added 13 new cardiac vein 3D models.
Added functional video footage for Heart0268.
Added a new cardiac vein venogram section to the Atlas.

January 2013

Added perfusion fixed images for Hearts 0088, 0089, 0090, 0093, 0097, 0099, 0100, 0103, 0104 and 0194.