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Project Leader and Scientist:  

Paul A. Iaizzo, PhD
   Professor of Surgery and Integrative Biology and Physiology, U of MN
   Director of Education, Lilleihei Heart Institute
   Associate Director for the Institute for Engineering in Medicine

Scientific Contributors:  

Sarah E. Ahlberg, PhD
Sara E. Anderson, PhD
Sally Anzelc, MS
Michael G. Bateman, PhD
James A. Coles Jr., PhD
Michael D. Eggen, PhD
Julianne H. Eggum, PhD
Ryan P. Goff, PhD
Alexander J. Hill, PhD
Stephen A. Howard, PhD

Timothy G. Laske, PhD
Stephen Quallich, BS
Jason L. Quill, PhD
Eric S. Richardson, PhD
Christopher D. Rolfes, PhD
Daniel C. Sigg, MD, PhD
Megan M. Schmidt, BS
Nicholas D. Skadsberg, PhD
Cory Swingen, PhD
Sarah Vieau, MS

Other student Contributors:  

Johnathon Aho, BS
Ivan Akunovich
Alex Bauer
Brian Y. Chan, BS
Emily Fitch
Melissa Groen
Erica Hjelle
Devon E. Hutton, BA

Gabriel Hernandez
Hanna R. Iaizzo
Allison Larson
Jessie Lasher
Lesa Nord
Amelia Raether
Cori E. Russell, BS
Matt Venegoni

Congenital Defects Tutorial:  

Sara Mott, Medical Student, Creighton University, Nebraska
Jamie Lohr, MD; Cardiology, Amplatz Children's Hospital, U of MN
Shanthi Sivanandam, MD; Cardiology, Amplatz Children's Hospital, U of MN
Rebecca Ameduri, MD; Pediatric Heart Failure and Transplant, Amplatz Children's Hospital, U of MN
James D. St. Louis MD; Chief, Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Amplatz Children's Hospital, U of MN
Paul A. Iaizzo, PhD; Surgery, U of MN
Kiley Schmidt, BS; Surgery, U of MN

Web Page Developer and Manager:  

Gary Williams, BCpE

Atlas Administrator:  

Tinen Healy, BS

Laboratory Staff:  

Bill Gallagher, BA
Monica Mahre, BS
Charles Soule, MBS

Graphic Design & Audio Support:  

Andrew Hoyer
Mike Iaizzo
Mike Leners
Libby Magnuson
Kiley Schmidt, BS
Jilean Welch

Database Programming  

Alan Mutschelknaus