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Optional Biopac Lessons for Week 11

Lesson 8 - Respiratory Cycle I: This lesson demonstrates the effects of cerebral influence and chemoreceptor influence on the medullary control centers. The students will record chest contraction and expansion using a respiration transducer and correlate the changes with ventilation. A temperature transducer located beneath one nostril will record the ventilation date.

Lesson 9: GSR and Polygraph: This lesson demonstrates the effects of special sensory stimuli as well as cognitive behavior and emotion on the subject's respiratory rate, heart rate, and skin resistance. The subject will look at different colored paper and answer a series of questions. The ECG, GSR, and respiratory patterns will be analyzed for changes based on truthful and false responses by the subject.

Lesson 11 - Reaction Time: This lesson demonstrates the effect of learning and physiological processes on reaction times. The students will hear two schedules of clicks through a set of headphones and react by pressing a pushbutton hand switch as quickly as possible.

Lesson 14 - Biofeedback: This lesson demonstrates the principles of biofeedback training for relaxation purposes. The students will record ECG, heart rate and galvanic skin response. Subjects control the position of a bar graph by influencing their heart rate and GSR.








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