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LTX3000TM Lumbar Rehabilitation System

Picture of the LTX 3000 The LTX3000TM is a lumbar rehabilitation system designed to treat low back pain and stiffness. Appropriate candidates have disk-related back pain or have ungone spine surgery, but continue to have low back or leg pain.

Use of the LTX3000TM is recommended by physicians, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists and QRCs.

The unique benefits of using the LTX3000TM are that it stabilizes the low back, encourages a neutral spine position, provides lumbar traction, and allows for therapeutic exercise while the user is in a functional seated position.

Additional advantages of prescribing the LTX3000TM are the ease of use and the ability to utilize the unit both at home or work, thus contributing to high patient compliance.

Recommended Protocol:

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