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Black Bear Publications

Big data in wildlife research: remote web-based monitoring of hibernating black bear, Timothy G. Laske, David L Garshelis, Paul A Iaizzo BMC Physiology 2014, 14:13 (11 December 2014

Ditmer M, Noyce K, Laske T, Iaizzo P, Garshelis D: Creating a metabolic map to assess potential for range expansion of American black bears. International Bear News, 21, 2012.

Iaizzo PA, Laske TG, Harlow HJ, McClay CB, Garshelis DL: Wound healing during hibernation by black bears (Ursus americanas) in the wild: elicitation of reduced scar formation. Integrative Zoology, 7:48-60, 2012.

Laske TG, Garshelis DL, Iaizzo PA: Monitoring the wild black bear's reaction to human and enviromental stressors. BMC Physiology, 11:13, 2011.

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Laske TG, Harlow HJ, Garshelis DL, Iaizzo PA: Extreme respiratory sinus arrhythmia enables overwintering black bear survival- physiological insights and applications to human medicine. Journal of Cardiovacular Translational Research, 3:559-569, 2010.

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Harlow HJ, Lohuis T, Beck TD, Iaizzo PA: Muscle strength in overwintering bears. Nature, 409:997, 2011.

Lohuis TD, Harlow HJ, Beck TDI, Iaizzo PA: Hibernating bears conserve muscle strength and maintain fatigue resistance. Physiology and Biochemical Zoology, 80:257-269, 2007.

Sola S, Garshelis D, Amaral J, Noyce K, Coy P, Steer C, Iaizzo P, Rodrigues C: Plasma levels of urosdeoxycholic acid in black bears, Ursus americanus: seasonal changes. Comparative Biochemsitry and Physiology, Par C, 143: 204-208, 2006.

Laske T, Harlow H, Werder J, Marshall M, Iaizzo P: High capacity implantable data recorders: system design and experience in canines and denning black bears, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 127:964-971, 2005.


Translational Research Publications

Hong J, Sigg DC, Coles JR JA,, Oeltgen PR, Harlow HJ, Soule CL, Iaizzo PA: Hibernation induction trigger reduces hypoxic damage of swine skeletal muscle. Muscle Nerve, 32:200-207, 2005.

Sigg DC, Coles JA Jr, Gallagher WJ, Oeltgen PR, Iaizzo PA: Opioid preconditioning: myocardial function and energy metabolism.  The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 72:1576-1582, 2001.


Abstract Publications

Howard SA, Rothstein K, Laske TG, Garshelis DL, Iaizzo PA: Estimating water loss during hibernation in the American black bear (Ursus americanus). Presented at Experimental Biology Conference 2012, San Diego, CA.

Timothy G. Laske1, David L. Garshelis2,3,  Karen V. Noyce3, Mark A. Ditmer2, Henry J. Harlow4, Paul A. Iaizzo5

Human Cardiac Monitoring Technologies help Advance Understanding of Free-ranging American Black Bears . Presented at the International Conference on Bear Research and Managment, September 2013, Provo, UT.




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