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Black Bear Dens

  • The entrance to a unique black bear den. One of several types of dens, this looks like an igloo but is made out of trees, brush and mud which has been covered by snow fall.
  • A dugout den with bedding of leaves.
  • An undisturbed but still visible to the team tracking the black bear.
  • A bear is hibernating in an underground den, you can spot the ear tags and radio collar.
  • Bear in its giant nest made of cattails.
  • This bear pulled in a substaintail amount of nesting material into her cozy den.
  • Cubs nestled next to mom to stay warm during the winter months.
  • Dr. Iaizzo capturing infrared images at a densite. The warm bear in the den can be easily detected and temperatures analyzed.
  • Dr. Iaizzo sneaking up on the bear den capturing the position of the bear using an infrared camera.

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