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Black Bear Cubs

  • Dr. Dave Garshelis, world renowned bear expert, holds two baby cubs.
  • Photo with Karen Noyce, Karen has been working with bears for over 25 years.
  • In the field, the black bear cub is carefully weighed as one measure of their relative health status.
  • Twin black bear cubs. Female black bears can have up to six cubs at a time, but generally have two to three in Minnesota.
  • This bear cub with chest blaze.
  • This bear cub has prouncounced chest blaze.
  • Three cubs in a winter nest with their mother.
  • Radiocollared female bear is denning in a nest with her cubs.
  • Observe the pronounced claws on this bear cub who is only several month old.
  • Two brown and one black bear cub made a handfull. These cubs were unusually large for mid-March, nearly 10 pounds each.
  • A biologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Dr. Dave Garshelis holds three healthy bear cubs, notice that one is larger than the other two and they can have different coat colors (black, brown or cinnamon).

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